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Oreida / Holocausto Em Chamas - Split 10"LP (Red Vinyl)

Featuring new and exclusive songs from each shadowy horde, this 10" vinyl EP is a sick 'n' twisted plunge into black metal's most depraved depths.

Iceland's ÓREIÐA are up first, here offering a torurous 10-minute track that that further exacerbates the malformed 'n' malnourished expanses of their debut demo last year. Portugal's HOLOCAUSTO EM CHAMAS are on the B-side, and put forth three tracks of sonic disease.

An otherwise brand-new cult, they make a lastingly filthy first impression. New black metal is dead - hail the old ways with this split 10" between ÓREIÐA and HOLOCAUSTO EM CHAMAS.



- 110g vinyl

- 300g foldover cover, both sides printed

- Limited to 200 copies (100 RED + 100 MAGENTA/BLACK MARBLE)

Oreida / Holocausto Em Chamas - Split 10"LP (Red Vinyl)

149,00 krPrice
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