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Abduction / Nocturnal Prayer - Intercontinental Death Conspiracy LP

The UK's Abduction and Canada's Nocturnal Prayer hereby announce their alliance on this new split LP release by Inferna Profundus Records, entitled INTERCONTINENTAL DEATH CONSPIRACY.

Ever restless and imminent, both these projects have repeatedly proven their respective intent on multiple releases in recent years. Abduction's 2019 critically acclaimed 3rd album 'All Pain As Penance' and Nocturnal Prayers' 2020 universally praised 'Advance on Weakened Foes', an amalgamation of two sought-after demos, serve to demonstrate a sort of cosmic nihilism that conjoins on this release of brand new tracks from each band, despite both projects' geographical gap and the differing styles on offer.

Abduction's style of black metal remains forward thinking and fresh with nods to the current European scene as well as their USBM counterparts and with an affinity with the infinite.

Nocturnal Prayer pays tribute to the glory days with a seemingly more orthodox and rawer brand of monochromatic black metal that abstains from modernity.

Both projects are presented here in a cross-continental pact of relentless obsession with death and rebirth.
As so the ancients wrote, and yet the masses beckon.

Cover art by Ainul Iblis.


180gr. black vinyl limited to 200
350gsm. jacket with inside black print and matt lamination
A2 poster, insert
Black poly-lined inner sleeves
Assembled into plastic outer-sleeves

Abduction / Nocturnal Prayer - Intercontinental Death Conspiracy LP

189,00 krPrice
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