Archgoat - The Luciferian Crown LP

With grim reliability, ARCHGOAT discharge yet more pustulant diabolic foulness into a world increasing moulded in their image.


The Luciferian Crown’ is a frighteningly-focused vision of hellish corruption, unsentimental, morally abhorrent and steeped in a violent horror all too real.


Since forming in 1989 ARCHGOAT have revolved around an inner circle all their own, refining their idiosyncratic primitivism - ‘The Luciferian Crown’ is a mirror crushed against nature, a portal through egocentric decadence into the pile of tortured corpses in your psyche.

Pressed on tri-colour heavy splatter vinyl. Comes with 12"x12" 16-page booklet.

Archgoat - The Luciferian Crown LP

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