12" LP 8 tracks, black vinyl!
Guest appearance: Big Boss and Igor — guest vocals on “Jama Pekel”; appears courtesy of Root/Shindy Productions Krzysztof Azarewicz — guest backing vocals on “Jama Pekel”; appears courtesy of New Aeon Musick Songs 1–5 recorded during “The Apostasy” studio sessions at RG Studios, November 2006 e.v.- March 2007 e.v. Engineered by Arkadiusz Malczewski Mixed by Daniel Bergstrand in Dug Out Studio, Uppsala, March 2007 e.v. and June 2008 e.v. Additional vocal tracks recorded by Kuba Mankowski in Soundsgreat Studio, Gdynia, May 2008 e.v. Songs 6–8 recorded in Leeuwarden, Holland, October 2007 e.v. during “European Apostasy” tour. Songs 1–2 mastered by Bjorn Engelmann in Cutting Room Studio, Stockholm, March 2007 e.v. Songs 3–8 mastered by Grzegorz Piwkowski in High-End Audio, Warsaw, June 2008 e.v. www.highendaudio.pl Cover concept and art direction by Nergal and Tomasz Danilowicz Cover design and artwork by GRAAL

Behemoth - Ezkaton MLP

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