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Bestial Mockery - Gospel Of The Insane CD

Swedish Black Metal. Third album from 2006.


You fuck! I hate people that are: nostalgic; weekend warriors; posers; fakes & in all likeliness I fuckin Hate you! I hate the coquetry pertaining to: insanity; troubled poets; inspired & improvising musicians & suffering artists etc. I loathe most other: damage cases; junkies; drunks; psychonauts; bipolar fucks; tweakers & leapers of the in-between! Yet obviously this shit worked for us, that is music-wise. We managed to channel into manifestation what was seared into our demented Satan-ridden minds with the least amount of discrepancy vis-à-vis our vile visions. Apocalypse Now what the fuck have you done? We, the outcasts, fringe-dwellers, eccentrics & high priests of idiomancy bring you these tales from the electro-shock haunted mental asylums, the cursed come-downs of the concrete jungles & the bottomless pits of every society & bottle. FUCK YOU! PAJASUOR EXHORT!! HAIL SATAN!!!

Re-issue, revisited layout, original sound recording, not remastered.

Bestial Mockery - Gospel Of The Insane CD

130,00 krPrice
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