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Clandestine Blaze - Archive Vol. 3 CD

Tracks 1 to 5 are "Goat - Creative Alienation" tape, the 1st attempt to record "Fist Of The Northern Destroyer" album from December 2001. Otherwise very good session was rejected due to minor details, such as unwanted high end distortion in snare drum especially, audible in some fills. Two more tracks of this session was published as bonus 7"/mCD freebie of "Church Of Atrocity" album.

Tracks 6 to 9 are "Blood And Cum" tape. First 3 songs recorded January 2002, 4th song was from autumn 1999, recorded around the same time with compilation track "Black Metal Blitzkrieg".

Clandestine Blaze - Archive Vol. 3 CD

SKU: NH-064
130,00 krPrice
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