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Death. Void. Terror. - To the Great Monolith LP

NO ORIGIN. Received from the ominous, great monolith and expressed in pure sound. NO ORDER. The recordings presented by the entity DEATH. VOID. TERROR. transcend the conventions of "composition" and "performance" in modern music culture and instead reduce the creation to its essence, stripped of convolution and excess, until all that remains is a singularity of blackness, harvested from those who have engaged in its creation.

The recordings contained on To The Great Monolith I are not songs. This is not music that has been rehearsed, honed, and tailored to fit a preconceived notion of what is acceptable in humanist genre confines. Instead, the aim is to achieve the most pure expression of the "unconscious" and to confront the listener with authentic ritual experiences, captured directly as they were conducted by the practitioners involved. These are sounds completely hostile to man, an exploration of the surreal.

Like resonating cries of the void piercing through the air, as incandescent stone upon human skin. No origin. No order. DEATH. VOID. TERROR.

Death. Void. Terror. - To the Great Monolith LP

169,00 krPrice
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