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Evil Incarnate - Depopulation Agenda A5 DIGI-CD

No less than fifteen years after their previous album, Evil Incarnate is back with a bang. Led by the infamous Michael "Evil Mike" Eisenhauer and backed with his peers from Num Skull and Broken Hope camps, Depopulation Agenda is heavy, meaty and brutal masterpiece of American Satanic Death Metal supremacy. Totally FREE of nerdy "cavernous production" or energy drink drum porn "extreme metal", what you have here is the REAL DEAL influenced by the likes of classic Deicide and Slayer, yet with a level of violence unmatched. Killer riffs only, crushing production. Ideologically their form of blasphemy is totally devoid of compromise, you can smell the fear of their hypocritical victims in every word spat out here. Very hateful. This European cd pressing of the album has a different cover concept than the other versions out there: classy dvd sided digipak with ultra morbid real-corpse-artwork not unlike early Mortuary Drape albums. Greatest real death metal of our time, bound to Lead the People to Satan.

Evil Incarnate - Depopulation Agenda A5 DIGI-CD

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