Förgjord - Henkeen ja Vereen CD

Act I - Tie, Totuus & Kuolema (Tracks 1-4)
Act II - Rehearsals (Tracks 5-7)
Act III - Mors Fennico More (Tracks 8-11)
Act IV - Rippeet (Tracks 12-14)


Recording information:

Tracks 1-4:
Recorded in "Tie, Totuus & Kuolema" sessions in 2002, additional guitars and vocals in Winter 2004-2005. Different versions of these songs appear in Tie, Totuus & Kuolema demo.

Tracks 5-7:
Recorded between 1999-2000 in different session. Some tracks appear in rehearsal demo.

Tracks 8-11:
Recorded in Summer 2003. Meant to be Mors Fennico More demo, but never released.

Tracks 12-14:
Recorded in Summer 2004 as promo. Previously unreleased.

All tracks recorded with portable 4-track recorder in bands rehearsal bunker.

Förgjord - Henkeen ja Vereen CD

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