The third full-length of FÖRGJORD brings forth a new opus of freezing Finnish Black Metal. It's been 4 long years since their magnificent 'Ajasta Ikuisuuteen' album and 'Sielunvihollinen', translating as 'Soul Nemesis', continues with the same combination of inventive melodies and raw soundscape, accompanied with harsh vocals spitting forth Finnish lyrics of hatred, anti-christianity, lycanthropy, death and the spirit of proud Finnish nationality. Förgjord also brings some new elements to their music with the help of guest musicians' performance with kantele and synth. The long process of creating 'Sielunvihollinen' has definitely been worth the wait and is a definite must for all those bewitched by Förgjord's previous works as well as for new listeners who enjoy quality Finnish Black Metal in its most cold and shredding form!

Förgjord - Sielunvihollinen LP

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