Finntroll - Jaktens Tid LP

Finnish Folk/Black Metal. Their second album from 2001.

The mix of “grim” black metal and “fun” Finnish polka created this masterpiece created from the gods themselves. The black metal remains consistent and dark, while the polka gives it an aura of true maniacal nature.

The album begins with the intro entitled “Krig.” The sound of this intro is almost as a war march, it has an ambient sound that is truly haunting followed by the blast of a horn and war drums. “Krig” leads into the deep tones of a piano played by Trollhorn on the first song of the album “Fodosagan” which roughly translates to “Tale of Birth”. The up-beat feeling of the song of all deep instruments is truly eerie. As the song progresses the sound of an accordion takes over the listener’s ears; followed by a brief interlude of an acoustic guitar. The entire song may as well have been created by trolls, the instruments sound BIG, and Katla’s vocals sound like it was recorded from real trolls singing. There you have it, a quick glimpse of the masterpiece that is “Jaktens Tid”.

The entire album continues with the dark mood of trolls taking over human life, in various and amazing ways. While the music sounds great absolutely, the truly frightening fact about this album is that as happy as some of the songs sound, when the lyrics are translated, they project gruesome images of death and some gore. If you are looking just for great music “Jaktens Tid” is definitely what you are looking for. If you are into truly frightening art, then “Jaktens Tid” is definitely what you are looking for. Actually, after several listens one realises this album is truly unique.

Finntroll - Jaktens Tid LP

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