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Funereality - Til Death LP (Splatter Vinyl)

12" vinyl (red/white splatter):

-Sturdy 350gsm vinyl-sleeve

-2 page vinyl insert

-100 copies on red/white splatter vinyl


HELTER SKELTER PRODUCTIONS (distributed & marketed by REGAIN RECORDS) is proud to present FUNEREALITY's striking debut album, Til Death, on CD and vinyl LP formats.


Formed in 2009, Sweden's FUNEREALITY have lurked in the underground across a handful of demos and a couple of EPs. The work of one Joachim Eversholt, FUNEREALITY are unique in that regard: while many black metal bands are the work of one person, few death metal ones are. And Eversholt's vision of DEATH METAL is as sick - and pure, and purely SICK - as it gets: rough and raw, ghastly and gurgling, often doomy and always disgusting, FUNEREALITY upholds the slime-drenched banner planted by the legendary Autopsy in the late '80s.


And those expecting Eversholt to change will be in for a shock with FUNEREALITY's debut album, Til Death: simply more of MORE, and more DISGUSTING than ever! Truly, Til Death is death metal for death metal maniacs, by a death metal maniac. Eversholt sticks to the same restless 'n' rumbling style of death metal that FUNEREALITY have made their stock in trade the past decade-plus, but simply sharpens the production and execution to dangerously sick levels. Truly, Til Death sounds like an '80s slasher flick made flesh; dread and doom are around every corner, and the violence rushes at you with little to no warning. There's no escape, because you're already dead...Til Death!


Originally released on limited-edition tape earlier this year, HELTER SKELTER now makes Til Death widely available on CD and vinyl formats. Can't fade the filth of FUNEREALITY! 


Joachim Eversholt - Everything

Guitar solo on track 7 by Ulf Persson
Guitar solo on track 10 by Jens Finger (Slaughterday)
Backing Vocals by Gusten Andlös
Cover art by Beatrice Tranström Eversholt, painted in 2013

Release date Digital: January 13th
Release date CD: February 10th
Release date LP: February 10th

Funereality - Til Death LP (Splatter Vinyl)

219,00 krPrice
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