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Hideous Death - Remnants of Archaic Evil TAPE

Death Metal from Norway. Their first demo from 2021.

Hailing from Norway, HIDEOUS DEATH are a new entity with an old spirit – VERY old. True abominations of desolation, the band’s righteously raw attack harkens to eldritch ’80s sensibilities like Death, Slayer, Possessed, and very earliest Morbid Angel. Familiar, yes, but filthy and furious!

Formed at the beginning of 2021, HIDEOUS DEATH took shape when guitarist The Archfiend “put together a bunch of songs based on riffs I’d had in my head for a while that didn’t fit me and the drummer’s – The Horrifier – other band, during a few days of inspiration – a message from Hell, perhaps?” Indeed, and it bears the all-too-fitting title Remnants of Archaic Evil. The band’s first recording is short and sweet – four songs in 16 minutes – and while firmly in the rabid deathrash tradition, subtle sensations of epicness and especially a sense of melody, without sacrificing the requisite aggression, crop up and prove that HIDEOUS DEATH are well on their way to further slaying.

“Basically, creating songs that can stick in your head and that are straight-to-the point both musically, lyrically, and visually,” The Archfiend concludes. “Not ironically retro or ‘tongue in cheek,’ but a very genuine homage of sorts to something that has been a huge part of our lives for many years – evil metal.” Behold HIDEOUS DEATH’s Remnants of Archaic Evil!

Hideous Death - Remnants of Archaic Evil TAPE

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