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In Pain - The Thing From the Grave LP (Red Vinyl)

12" vinyl (red LP)
-Sturdy 300gsm vinyl-sleeve
-A3 color poster
-100 copies on red vinyl

HELTER SKELTER PRODUCTIONS (distributed & marketed by REGAIN RECORDS) is proud to present IN PAIN's highly anticipated second album, The Thing From the Grave, on CD and vinyl LP formats. HELTER SKELTER will handle exclusive distribution of the CD version, and will release the vinyl version of the album in 2023.


IN PAIN stand for supreme Swedish death metal in the classic early '90s style. Of course, thousands of bands are currently playing that no-less-sturdy style of death metal, but IN PAIN have the pedigree: the band, in fact, formed in 1992 and released two demos before going on hiatus until 1998. And although their debut album, The Sound of Death, didn't come until 2019, so authentic was their Swedeath that the album might as well have been a time-machine.

And so it goes with IN PAIN's second album, The Thing From the Grave. No more but definitely no less, this is time-locked Swedish death metal circa 1991, made all the more authentic by paradigmatically crushing production courtesy of THE Tomas Skogsberg at the LEGENDARY Sunlight Studio. That so much of IN PAIN's lyrics & imagery in general and more specifically on LP #2 focus on zombies and the undead is no coincidence; death metal as an artform is eternal and undying, and every generation has an unquenchable bloodlust for the classics. IN PAIN arrive to slake that rotten thirst with headbanging gallops across the tundra, tar-thick D-beats, and hauntingly hummable leads - and of course, absolute HM-2 destruction to get THAT TONE. Or, simply witness the era-appropriate cover art by Ola Larsson (Traumatic, Necrony et. al.) and know EXACTLY what you're getting into... ONLY SWEDEATH IS REAL! 

In Pain - The Thing From the Grave LP (Red Vinyl)

219,00 krPrice
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