Irae - Korona Winter Rehearsal of Darkness & Evil TAPE

Portuguese Black Metal. Release from 2021.

Black pro-cassette, hand-numbered & signed by Vulturius, limited to 150 units.

By now, IRAE should require little introduction. Since the dawn of this cursed millennium, mainman Vulturius has prolifically pursued a singular vision of RAW BLACK METAL that includes five full-lengths and countless split releases with likeminded comrades. As such, IRAE have almost singlehandedly invigorated Portugal's black metal scene, particularly the rawer iteration of it, and with the release of Lurking in the Depths this past summer through SIGNAL REX, there’s no sign of that black flame being extinguished anytime soon. 

And that includes a global pandemic, during which time IRAE have returned to their rehearsal bunker to unleash a special recording suitably spreading the plague: Korona Winter Rehearsal of Darkness & Evil. Comprising 41 minutes and exclusive to this release, Korona Winter Rehearsal of Darkness & Evil is largely Lurking in the Depths plus one brand-new track and capped by a faithful ‘n’ fervent cover of Bathory’s “The Return of Darkness and Evil.” Nevertheless, the grimness & filth of prime IRAE is delivered with an abandon here, and one surprisingly robust for a rehearsal; in fact, one could argue that Korona Winter Rehearsal of Darkness & Evil is both more physical AND clearer-recorded than the original Lurking in the Depths. But, that’s simply a testament to Vulturius’ righteous, rancid resolve and proof, as ever, that the best black metal is transmitted by (sick) humans playing together in one room, quarantining be damned – literally! 

No matter how much you wash your hands, the infection of IRAE’s Korona Winter Rehearsal of Darkness & Evil is coming to claim YOU!

Irae - Korona Winter Rehearsal of Darkness & Evil TAPE

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