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Korgonthurus - Marras TAPE

Black Metal from Finland. Their first album from 2009, remixed and remastered.

"Ten years have passed since our debut full length album “Marras” was released. A small milestone that seemed fitting to be celebrated in some way. I had never been satisfied with how the album sounded. It was recorded and mixed with such a small amount of knowledge how things should have been done correctly. The production on the original release was a wreck that couldn’t have been made better with only new mastering, so it was decided to also remix the whole thing and by someone else than myself. So we booked Trollhouse Audio and got the album remixed and remastered from original recordings. At the same time we decided that the cover should also be redone. The original was what we wanted ten years ago, but the new mix also needed a new cover to represent it. Painted by R. Ärling it reflects the soundscape perfectly painting a vision of a barren, cold and lonely death. And now we present you the sonically and visually revised “Marras.”"

Kryth, in the year of our Lord 2019


180g black vinyl with silver print on covers. Gatefold sleeve.

Korgonthurus - Marras TAPE

79,00 krPrice
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