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Lord Mortvm - Dead Christ Baptism LP (Red Marble Vinyl)

12" vinyl (red marble vinyl):
-Sturdy 300gsm vinyl-sleeve
-2 page vinyl insert
-100 copies on red marble vinyl

HELTER SKELTER PRODUCTIONS (distributed & marketed by REGAIN RECORDS) is proud to present LORD MORTVM's highly anticipated second album, Dead Christ Baptism, on CD and vinyl LP formats.

Hailing from Norway, the mysterious LORD MORTVM made their bolt-from-the-blue debut in 2021 with the full-length Diabolical Omen of Hell. With virtually no warning and definitely with no mercy, the maybe-one-man band pumped out unapologetically dark, drugged-out, and Satanic black-DOOM that seemed like the END.

Alas, LORD MORTVM returns with a second album that eclipses those heights/depths: Dead Christ Baptism. As presaged by its title, Dead Christ Baptism is more blackened and blasphemous affair that, thankfully, still sticks to the strident blueprint of that cult debut album. Lumbering and almost languorous, there's a certain swagger to LORD MORTVM's second album that's utterly addicting - no matter how toweringly bleak 'n' black their doom gets. Likewise, the spaces between notes open up more widely, the occasional organ instilling a new creepiness, altogether revealing new portals to the beyond...or unsafe places of the mind. Either way, Dead Christ Baptism gestates and pulsates like a monolithic mountain of pus at the enter of the earth: perversely breathtaking to behold, but portending irrevocably ill intent.

If Diabolical Omen of Hell was verily "the end," then LORD MORTVM's Dead Christ Baptism is the grim resurrection that reveals new, undead life. 

Lord Mortvm - Dead Christ Baptism LP (Red Marble Vinyl)

219,00 krPrice
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