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Marduk - Blackcrowned DVD

Swedish Black Metal.

This is the DVD version of the VHS that was available only as part of the 2002 compilation of the same name. Since 2005 it is avaliable as a separate release, with tracks 18-19 being new to this separate version.

Tracks 1-4 recorded live in Hamburg, Germany, 1999.
Tracks 5-6 recorded live in Norrköping, Sweden, 1993.
Tracks 7-8 recorded live in Krokek, Sweden, 1992.
Track 9 recorded live in Hengelo, Netherlands, 1997.
Track 10 recorded live in Heidenheim, Germany, 1995.
Track 11 recorded live in Lössnitz, Germany, 1999.
Track 12 recorded live in Bradford, England, 1996.
Track 13 recorded live at Dynamo Open Air, 1999.
Tracks 14-15 recorded live in San Francisco, California, 2001.
Tracks 16-17 recorded live in Essen, Germany, 1999.
Bonus tracks 18-19 recorded live in Strassbourg, France, 2001.

Marduk - Blackcrowned DVD

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104,30 krSale Price
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