Wooden boxset including the following:
Marduk "The Official Bootleg Series Volume 1"
Marduk- World Panzer Battle 1999, MC
Marduk- Strigzcara, MC
Marduk- Ancient Evil, MC
Marduk- The Sun Turns Black as Night, MC
-4 A3 size posters
-Limited edition of 100 handnumbered copies. (50xblack & 50xred music cassette) All pro-printed Music cassettes with J-cards.
-Wooden boxset with Marduk logo & "The Official Bootleg Series Volume 1" burned into the lid of the box.

We will pack the wooden box including its products in multiple layers of bubble-plastic, a layer of cardboard tighly taped and finally inserted into a padded envelope. Due to the strict limitation of this boxset we do not accept any complaints for damages caused by careless postal employees, neither do do we have any replacement boxes for such incindents. 
The postage added automatically covers only normal postal shipping, no tracking. If you want tracking then please contact us or mention it in the message field of your order.

Marduk Official Bootlegs Wooden Cassette-box MC

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