This is a compilation of the band's super-rare demo tapes. Playing "Raw Putrid Black Metal" exclusively, this one-man band has built up a sizable discography devoted to the darkest past of the ancient black metal underground. Strictly limited to 200 copies, the From Effigies Past CD compiles the demos Insidious Dark (2011), Through Clandestine Thickets (2012), and Embittered Isolation (2013). Totaling 14 tracks in an hour, here MEGALITH GRAVE unleashes a torrent of utterly dead, impossibly grim BLACK METAL done the way in the days before social media and "diehard" vinyl, before the veil of mysticism was pulled back to reveal normal human beings. This is not entertainment; this is pure disgust. "This filth came from the deprivation of this human cesspool which we live in. Solitude and hate feed me the desires to create this abomination," says mainman Gamol. Hearing is believing, so enter From Effigies Past at your own peril...


Tracks from 1 - 5 taken from Insidious Dark demo 2011 Tracks from 6 - 10 taken from Through Clandestine Thickets demo 2012 Tracks from 11 - 14 taken from Embittered Isolation demo 2014.

Megalith Grave - From Effigies Past CD

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