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Memoirs of a Secret Empire (MOASE) - Vertigo DIGI-CD

Debut album by MOASE. A sweeping, dramatically dynamic panorama of post-rock/metal bliss, Vertigo radiates light and darkness in equal measures, and proves that MOASE are potent newcomers with a veteran spirit. An acronym for "Memoirs of a Secret Empire," MOASE comprises the members Henrique Bessa, Ivo Madeira, and João Amorim and was born in 2012 in Vouzela, Portugal, between the mountains and the river. By now, this project has the stamp of Blacksheep Studios in both their self-titled EP and this their debut album, Vertigo. The latter counts a collaboration with Ricardo Remédio (LÖBO, RA).

Memoirs of a Secret Empire (MOASE) - Vertigo DIGI-CD

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