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Meslamtaea - Niets en Niemendal CD

Meslamtaea is exploring the paths of unorthodox black metal since the nineties. It is very hard to put a label on Meslamtaea's music. Elements from all kind of (sub)genres are blended into a genuinely atmospheric and melancholic style with a post-apocalyptic lyrical concept. Musicwise, think of a mixture of old Ulver with Alcest and Mournful Congregation. A highly impressive piece with a unique way of songwriting, especially if you keep in mind all music was written, recorded and mixed by just one individual. Meslamtaea is among the top of Dutch avantgarde-ish metal among Murw, Phlebotomized and Krocht.

Meslamtaea - Niets en Niemendal CD

SKU: HH151-1
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