Necrophobic - The Call MLP (Electric Blue Vinyl)

Swedish Death/Black Metal. Their first EP from 1993.

Limited to 300 copies only, comes with etched B-side.

Legendary and much sought after Necrophobic EP gets re-issued as a 12” Mini-LP.

“The Call” EP was recorded at the famous Sunlight studio in Stockholm, but sees Necrophobic backing off from the very Entombed sound of their “Unholy Prophecies” demo, to their advantage if we may say so.

This EP is just two songs and a spooky, lovely intro, but it has a very eerie and macabre sound - drenched in atmosphere and with some weird effects here and there on both vocals and guitars

The guitar is not as dominating of the proceedings as it was on the previous demo, and this allows the riffs to come out clearer and the songs to breathe.

Some of the godliness of their “Slow Asphyxiation” demo seems to have returned, and it anticipates the direction the band would go starting with their debut full-length. Necrophobic also switch things up in other ways: the berserk tempos are alleviated with more frequent and long-lasting slow sections, and there’s even a horror movie-esque acoustic passage in the middle of “The Ancients Gate.”

Basically everyone back then loved this EP - it’s the band at the height of their evil powers, perhaps even more so than “Nocturnal Silence.

Necrophobic - The Call MLP (Electric Blue Vinyl)

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