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Necropole - Nécropole CD

In theory, what Nécropole offers, is *just black metal*. In times when branding and gimmicks reign, it is refreshing to hear good black metal which doesn't aim to fit to any subcategory. DSBM, NSBM, Religious BM, Bestial BM, Post BM, Shoegaze BM, etc. Instead of followers of some category or aesthetic dogmas, they trust in power of basics.

Power of good songs based on catchy melody and excellent execution. Always stripped down of any gimmicks. Only offering the melancholic and cold melodic riffs on top of intense fast forward hammering of drums that are there only to serve needs of minimalist cold atmosphere. I personally appreciate very much that songs have strong pace onwards instead of a lot of metal that goes nowhere or can't decide direction and jump to every direction. Best of onwards attacking material doesn't indicate quality of rock'n'roll in traditional sense. Flow of Nécropole is cold and grim, filled with disgust and hatred, but also yearning for mythical noble ideals.

Poetic French lyrics may be obscure for most people and it would be impossible to translate ones native expression to generic English. However, music itself speaks the language where one could sense beyond words. Linked song is chosen simply because it is the shortest track of this 6 song CD (vinyl will be published later). One could easily check any other song from the two magnificent demo tapes "Atavisme..." and "Ostara".

Nécropole CD includes all songs from the above mentioned two demo tapes.

Necropole - Nécropole CD

SKU: NH-092
130,00 krPrice
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