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Nexul - Paradigm Of Chaos LP (Silver/Oxblood Vinyl)

Blackened Death Metal from the US, featuring members of Nyogthaeblisz and Hellvetron. Their debut album from 2017.

12" Silver With Oxblood Splatter vinyl, limited to 400 copies.


In a relatively short amount of time, NEXUL have become masters of wielding sound as a veritable weapon; here, on Paradigm of Chaos, it is literally overwhelming and tangibly MASSIVE to behold. But within that ghastly, gibbering maw of oblivion lays nuance and dynamics: this is more than just senseless noise, and certainly more than rote "brutality" for its own sake. It is verily the death rattle of the soul, and those reverberations ring infinitely - and forebodingly - across a canvas which is even more heaving, even more hideous, and untouchably molten. There are layers upon layers upon layers to this Paradigm of Chaos, and the corridors down which one can wander are seemingly infinite. Rarely has black/death metal been this unremittingly violent whilst keenly subtle. Concluding, the band firmly states, "The Depths of the Abyss are a fountain of Knowledge from which we have drunk our fill; we offer this elevenfold Curse in return, though we will be parched once more. Until then, the chants from the Tower of Chaos shall ring throughout unending Night in Wrathful Chaos, hearkening the Dark God, mocking the Sephiroth drowning in the Bottomless Seas..."

Nexul - Paradigm Of Chaos LP (Silver/Oxblood Vinyl)

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