324 copies pressed - 120 black / 204 green  - handnumbered.

This is the green vinyl version!!


Even when the birth of Death Metal can be traced back to an earlier date, the year 1989 marks the first boom for the genre. 30 years later it is crystal clear Death Metal is still relevant. Whether it’s a household name releasing a new album or a couple of underground bands sharing sides on a fine 7” vinyl single. Exactly this is the case with this new slab of wax featuring Putrevore and Grim Fate. Putrevore consists of underground legends Dave Rotten (Avulsed, Xtreem Music) and Rogga Johansson (Paganizer, Ribspreader, The Grotesquery amongst others; the list is endless). With three albums under their belt (the 2015 release “Tentacles Of Horror” being the last), the duo returns with a monster of a song entitled “Titan Towers Submerged”. This is Death Metal through and through. Fantastic riffs by Johansson topped off by the unearthly growls of Rotten. It’s dark, it’s heavy and it’ll snap your neck. Grim Fate is a new name, but one you will remember soon. This Dutch band was formed in 2017 with the intention to create some of the most dark death metal ever. Influenced by a band like Incantation and the old Finnish scene they debuted with the EP “Emerging From The Crypt” that was released on cassette by Dawnbreed Records. This didn’t go unnoticed as they signed with Dave Rotten’s Xtreem Music for the release of their first full-length due out later in 2019. As a kind of teaser the überheavy “Untimely Demise” gives a great idea what these guys are capable off. This split 7” is a joint venture between the established label Dawnbreed Records and the rather new Seed Of Doom Records. This awesome 7” will be available on black (120 copies) and green (204 copies) wax. Your eardrums will be crushed while your jaw hits the floor!!

Putrevore / Grim Fate - Split 7"EP

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