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Recluse - Stillbirth In Bethlehem CD

Possessed and murderous black metal. Wlad Drakksteim of Vlad Tepes vomits forth vocals throughout the entire album. Repellant and violent. RECLUSE are the true embodiment of EVIL. " Recluse - one who prefers the company of themselves, seldom bothering to enter the murky world of strangers. Looking at the song titles, it's probably for the best. Not content with being un-PC and straight to the point, Recluse brings black metal back to the halycon days of the early 90's, weaving disgusting concepts into a tapestry of pure hatred and vitriol. This is how it was always supposed to be. If the blatant attack on Jesus isn't...

Recluse - Stillbirth In Bethlehem CD

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