Reveal - Nocturne of Eyes and Teeth CD

Reveal have been on the lips of the underground for the guts of the past year or so.

Their debut album, and first known recording, ‘Nocturne of Eyes and Teeth’ slithered out on (noble…) vinyl via High Roller Records last year and immediately caught the ear of attentive black and death metal maniacs, scoring them a slot on the ever-growing Hell’s Headbangers festival in Germany. Not a bad start by any standards.

After a brief static noisy intro ‘Under the Temple’ groans into creaking life, its slow ominous riff portenting our doom to come before gradually gaining tempo and settling into a mid/fast canter where it more or less stays for the rest of the album.

Reference points are plenty. We are in the depths of old school black metal here of course, but there is also a tinge of death metal to proceedings. Nods to Mayhem, Mortuary Drape, Temple Below and maybe even a less noisy Excoriate abound, but there are enough touches of their own magic dotted throughout to keep the world...  more

Reveal - Nocturne of Eyes and Teeth CD

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