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Sammas' Equinox - Pilgrimage / Boahjenásti A5 DIGI-CD

Accurately titled, Pilgrimage / Boahjenásti features both of SAMMAS' EQUINOX's demo tapes, respectively released in 2016 and 2017. Together, this collection features newly remastered sound courtesy of Moonsorrow's Henri Sorvali. 


Although exhibiting the stultifying rawness that has come to mark much Finnish black metal in the post-Strength & Honour landscape, there's a uniquely atmospheric aspect to SAMMAS' EQUINOX, both in the band's bittersweet melodicism and their deftly subtle approach to sound layering. The seven songs comprising their oeuvre to date burn with a filthy intensity in the best Finnish tradition, yet just as equally exude a somber, even tender quality that's come to mark countrymen Cosmic Church, Kêres, and especially Circle of Ouroborus. Likewise, there's a certain punkishness here that paradoxically doesn't make the band's black metal sound punk at all. 


And the mystery's just begun...get on SAMMAS' EQUINOX's bandwagon now with the Pilgrimage / Boahjenásti collection or forever curse yourself.


Remastered by Henri Sorvali. 

Sammas' Equinox - Pilgrimage / Boahjenásti A5 DIGI-CD

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