Solstice - Pray for the Sentencing 2xCD

Death Metal from the US.

Disc 1:
Tracks 1-9 taken from the 1992 self-titled Solstice album, here dubbed The Sentencing.
Tracks 10-19 taken from the 1995 Pray album.

Disc 2:
Tracks 1-10 taken from the remixed 1995 Pray album.

Essential death/thrash compilation! Pray for the Sentencing is a 2-CD compilation album by American death metal band Solstice. The first CD contains remastered songs from the band’s first two albums, The Sentencing and Pray. The second CD contains remixes of the songs from Pray by guitarist Dennis Munoz. The Florida based death metal band Solstice was formed in 1990 by guitarist Dennis Munoz and drummer Alex Marquez with vocalist/guitarist Rob Barrett. In 1991, they recorded a demo produced by legendary producer Jim Morris and signed a deal with Germany’s SPV/Steamhammer and their debut album was released in 1992. It was originally to be titled The Sentencing, but delays in correspondence didn’t reach Germany in time so it was simply known as Solstice. The following year internal issues combined with Rob Barrett departing for a position in Cannibal Corpse forced the band into hiatus, but in 1995 they regrouped and returned with the magnificent sophomore album, Pray. Both albums are considered classics in the death/thrash crossover genre and at that time no bands were pushing the limits like Solstice. The band is currently active once again and in 2011 Dennis Munoz remixed Pray as an exclusive addition to this collector’s set. Pray For The Sentencing is something underground metal fans have been talking about for years! It contains both legendary albums in original form (remastered), plus the newly remixed version of Pray. Artwork done by Ed Repka (Megadeth, Death, Municipal Waste).

Solstice - Pray for the Sentencing 2xCD

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