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Vomitor - Bleeding the Priest CD

Death/Thrash/Black Metal from Australia. Their debut album from 2002.

Really decent piece of Aussie thrash with elements of more extreme genres like death and black. But mostly they remain well into the Sodom, Celtic Frost, Hellhammer vein of things, which suits them fine. It is hard to use a genre that has not been around in anything else but relics and reinvent it to be good for you in your present situation. That is exactly what Vomitor have done. I hate it when bands act like nothing happened in the past10 or 20 years in metal, and choose to idealistically go back to their roots as if that were possible. I feel it is ideologically weak to do so, however it is very tempting. But the solution to that, for me is more like what Vomitor is doing. Yes they are thrashing like Sodom and friends, but at the same time you can hear the black metal influence of Bathory and Venom on them too. You can also hear the modern elements on their recording too. All in all they do not do anything ground breaking, but this is sort of a venerative band where they do just that, venerate the old black/thrash classics. The vocals are dismal and reverberate through out the album, which is something I always enjoy in a thrash metal album, I think yells and barking vocals sound good with a good dose of reverb on them. The bass line is ultra fuzzy, the guitar is thin sounding, and the drums are actually quiet decent. I know, I am surprised too, for bands like this are known for their shitty drumming, but this guy can not only keep a beat, he can make the old double time seem interesting. These guys reinvent the old stuff, and thatis a big plus for me, this si really where thrash, more specifically Sarcofago, Venom, Bathory black thrash live son. By changing a little but staying true to your roots. Other wannabe bands take good note, this is how it is done. 

Vomitor - Bleeding the Priest CD

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