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Vomitor - The Escalation CD

Death/Thrash/Black Metal from Australia. Their third album from 2012.

Vomitor plays a more extreme version of blackened thrash metal with the emphasis more on black metal. Death Dealer’s vocals are screechy and undecipherable. They do fit this style of metal well. He incorporates the unique squeal made infamous by Destruction’s Schmier in a lot of the material. The speed of the songs is intense. A good percentage of the time you have a difficult time distinguishing what the actual riff being played is as it’s picked so fast and the snare drum is thrashed so hard.

“Horrors Of Black Earth” centeres around a mid-paced riff taken right off of Celtic Frost’s “Morbid Tales”, “Prayer To Hell” has a riff and overall feel of Sodom’s “Brandish The Sceptre”. The riff that hits about a minute into “Metal Or Die” is a highlight of the record. The band focuses on a meaty rhythm that will have you headbanging instantly, then they launch into a very dirty Motorhead-style riff that grooves before the blasting begins again. Another killer riff appears halfway through “Hellburst To Fight” along with the album's coolest noise whammy-inspired solos. The title track, “The Escalation”, incorporates so many riffs and guitar leads!!

Vomitor obviously lay down at the altar of “Obsessed By Cruelty”. You can hear that influence intertwined in every aspect, including the vocal style, inaudible riffs, and frenzied drumming. “The Escalation” is a solid contribution to this ever-growing genre. If you are into anarchic and very fast-paced metal, look no further.

Vomitor - The Escalation CD

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