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Warcoe - The Giant's Dream LP (White Vinyl)

12" vinyl LP (white vinyl)
-Sturdy 300gsm vinyl-sleeve
-2 page insert
-100 copies on white vinyl

HELTER SKELTER PRODUCTIONS (distributed & marketed by REGAIN RECORDS) is proud to present WARCOE's striking debut album, The Giant's Dream, on CD and vinyl LP formats.

WARCOE are a power-trio hailing from Italy, that land rich in doomed materials. Naturally, WARCOE honor their national identity with a '70s-entrenched vision of pure DOOM METAL as first laid out by Ozzy-era Black Sabbath. In fact, in vocalist/guitarist Stefano Fiorelli, you will not find a more uncanny Ozzy doppelganger.

WARCOE began their journey in 2021, first with a couple digital singles and then an EP, all of which coalesced into their debut album, The Giant's Dream. Likewise released digitally, The Giant's Dream was also self-released on CDR and tape in true DIY fashion. So smitten with these authentically vintage vibes, HELTER SKELTER is now releasing The Giant's Dream on CD and vinyl with hopes of spreading the WARCOE name far and wide.

Indeed, that should be simple enough given the strength of The Giant's Dream's songwriting and charisma. No more but definitely no less, WARCOE here brew up a thick 'n' heady potion of hard-rocking proto-metal, warm in tone but definitely supernatural in aura. True, that spectre of classic Sabbath looms large across The Giant's Dream, but the trio manage to massage new sensations from that eternal archetype whilst staying reverent. Thus, it's not inaccurate to liken WARCOE to immediate Sabbathian progeny like Witchfinder General and Trouble - very esteemed company, to be sure. Your "new" old-doom trip begins here! 


releases May 12, 2023

Warcoe - The Giant's Dream LP (White Vinyl)

219,00 krPrice
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