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Wolfmachine - Wolfmachine LP

Handnumbered, limited to 200 copies .


Dutch drone/industrial black metal entity WOLFMACHINE is set to redefine the standards of ambient black metal through their debut self-titled album. A forty-plus minute descent into asphyxiating psychosis and subconscious sonic claustrophobia. It is an abstract blend of aesthetics that escalates in the domains of an aura as omnipotent as diverse; an irresistibly tempting feature for any daring listener.


Trance-inducing and soul-consuming, the staggering debut LP unfolds almost subtlety before the listener, morphing and shapeshifting imperceptibly. Its furious spires envelop the listener into a deafening howling chasm, akin to the impenetrable maze previously introduced by Darkspace and the biomechanical landscapes of Justin K. Broadrick and Greymachine.

With the composition being on constant hyperdrive and locked into a frantic, fractal delirium, the changes are imperceptible, but inexorable. Similar to an event horizon bending time and space, slowly consuming matter in a frenzy time warp. Its process conceals the events beyond, as if erased from existence, yet constantly reveals their presence through indirect observations of encompassing death.


Like a dimensionless delirium, with no beginning nor end, no above nor below, the only reference point within the shapeless domain of WOLFMACHINE becomes constant motion and loss of self, as the world outside is blurred, pulverized and consumed into oblivion.


Wolfmachine - Wolfmachine LP

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