Xenomorph - Empyreal Regimes 2xLP

Death Metal from the US. Their only album from 1995 presented on vinyl.

During its short lifespan, Xenomorph inflicted their listeners with scars that refused to heal, assaulting the senses with a combination of twisted, technical music and diabolical imagery.*

This limited edition comes with the band's only demo from 1993 on a bonus single-sided lp.

Beguiling Tempter - Bass (Bill Taylor) Immolation, ex-Feldgrau, ex-Laceration, ex-Acheron, ex-Angelcorpse
Zoanthros Vanir - Drums (Chris Haley) ex-Diabolic Possession
Pappshammer - Vocals, Guitar (Joe Papek)

Xenomorph - Empyreal Regimes 2xLP

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