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Absu - Tara TAPE

Black/Thrash Metal from the US. Their fourth album from 2001.

Originally released in late May of 2001, it has been a highly celebrated recording and a loyal favorite amongst Absu's followers. Unlike the band's previous two releases, Tara is a concept album that principally deals with the harmony of strife, immortality, puissance and tyranny.It was immediately conceived after their 1998 release of In The Eyes Of Ioldánach when drummer/vocalist Proscriptor's frustration grew with the sinking intelligence in the extreme metal world – it was his calling to fully educate his audience. Therefore, the album features a lexicon (glossary) insert of pensive occult systems and mythological notations – to assist the listener with an enlightened, more comprehensive understanding.As always, Kris Verwimp infuses the gatefold with three sensational illustrations.

Limited edition to 200 copies.

Absu - Tara TAPE

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