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Aihos - Ikuisuuden Suojaan MC

HELTER SKELTER PRODUCTIONS is proud to present AIHOS' striking debut mini-album, Ikuisuuden Suojaan, on tape format. 

AIHOS hail from the ever-fertile Finnish black metal scene. As such, the quintet's sound is staunchly traditional and purist, but they exude a nasty personality all their own. Ikuisuuden suojaan was originally self-released by the band in 2013, but so impressed by it, HELTER SKELTER released a limited cassette version during autumn 2017. Now, feeling AIHOS deserves a wider look, Ikuisuuden suojaan arrives on CD and vinyl to torment ears with filthy propulsion and bewitching melody: an ice-wind blast from the past, thawed out in the present!


FINALLY AVAILABLE AGAIN!!! First pressing on black cassette is sold out, so here is the 2nd pressing on green cassette ltd edition (only 50 copies). 

Aihos - Ikuisuuden Suojaan MC

59,00 krPrice
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