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Arditi - Emblem of Victory DIGI-CD

Martial Industrial from Sweden.

New album in sturdy 6 panel digipak.

BLOODDAWN PRODUCTIONS, in league with REGAIN RECORDS, is proud to present ARDITI’s highly anticipated eighth album, Emblem of Victory, on CD and vinyl LP formats.

For many, ARDITI should require no introduction: for over 25 years now, they’ve been one of the leading artists in the martial industrial genre. While that genre has seen generations come and go, and successively ebbs and flows of popularity, ARDITI have remained firm in their conviction and vision. Truly, the name ARDITI is nearly synonymous with martial industrial the past two decades.

After their first collaboration in 2004 with the album Spirit of Sacrifice, now ARDITI join forces again with BLOODDAWN for the brand-new album Emblem of Victory. No compromise, no quarter: ARDITI’s trademark song is as dark, ominous, and iron-fisted as ever. Not for nothing have they collaborated with black metal bands such as MARDUK, SORHIN, and Acherontas; the wavelengths of war course through ARDITI’s vein just as surely as the best black metal. But, as Emblem of Victory poignantly proves, ARDITI can define and reshape martial industrial at will, and thus do they continue to have crossover success with such scenes as neofolk as well as black metal.

Arditi - Emblem of Victory DIGI-CD

129,00 krPrice
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