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Auroch / Mitochondrion - In Cronian Hour 7"EP (Black Vinyl)

"Four years in the making, IN CRONIAN HOUR is the long-awaited collaborative split 7 inch between Canadian occult lunatics Mitochondrion and hyperblasting sorcerers Auroch. Here stands 11 minutes of ritual death metal united in voice, word, and deed in all aspects! Each song carries the same essence diverged: literally, a single sheet of lyrics interpreted by each band and shaped into two unique pieces. What awaits is a whirlwind of insanity spiraling into a humming void of bliss. This meticulous path can be traced throughout the work, with members of the greater inner Covenant contributing to both tracks. A complete coagulation of forces.

Dark Descent Records and Hellthrasher Productions will be responsible for unleashing this death metal talisman unto the masses, in 2 unique coloured vinyl formats. All visual manifestation impeccably crafted by Cold Poison. Once again mastering duties performed by Colin Marston at Thousand Caves studio. May this work stand as a gilded Sickle in the heart man!

“In Cronian Hour leaden words will be sown and gilded words will be reaped …”


  • Gatefold 7" jacket
  • 5 mm spine
  • Matte finish w/ UV spot lacquer finish
  • Black inner sleeves
  • Artwork by Cold Poison

Auroch / Mitochondrion - In Cronian Hour 7"EP (Black Vinyl)

105,00 krPrice
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