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Black Feast ‎– Larenuf Jubileum LP (Red Vinyl)

12" red vinyl edition. Includes a poster and a double-sided insert. 
Tracks A1 to A6 were originally released as the Worship Of Darkness cassette. 
Tracks A7 to B1 were originally released on the Abominations Of Darkness split cassette (also featuring Abhorrot, Unholy Crucifix and Usurpateur). 
Tracks B2 and B3 were originally released as the Promotape 2010 cassette. 
Tracks B4 to B6 were previously only released on privately circulated advance tapes, not sold or distributed to the public.

Black Feast ‎– Larenuf Jubileum LP (Red Vinyl)

179,00 krPrice
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