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Cadaveric Fumes / Skelethal - Heirs of Hideous Secrets 7"EP (Black Vinyl)

Split between these two  Death Metal bands from France.

Aptly titled Heirs of Hideous Secrecies, this split brings together two of France's most uprising death metal hordes. CADAVERIC FUMES are up first, and offer two utterly twisted tracks of death metal dread. Soundly grounded in archetypal late '80s / early '90s death, these feverish mavericks take the form down routes both cosmic and swampy, adventurous and classicist. And with a debut album still on the horizon, CADAVERIC FUMES continue to tease with these short-length attacks - and all are uniformly godly. SKELETHAL are not to be outdone, of course, and offer their first new recordings since Of the Depths..., their massively critically acclaimed debut album for HELLS HEADBANGERS last year. Both tracks are 100% SKELETHAL, and prove that no matter how familiar the early '90s Swedeath sound is, it takes a certain, extremely elusive X-factor to elevate oneself beyond the thousands of pretenders - and once again, they accomplish that here, and quickly. Curious to who the Heirs of Hideous Secrecies are? Look no further than SKELETHAL and CADAVERIC FUMES!

Cadaveric Fumes / Skelethal - Heirs of Hideous Secrets 7"EP (Black Vinyl)

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