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Coffin Curse - Ceased to Be CD

The long-awaited debut full-length by this Chilean band. Coffin Curse was thrown into this worthless world in Santiago in mid-2012, as a side-project of the main band Inanna, to spawn and vomit forth Death Metal in its purest form. Max Neira (guitars, bass, vocals) conceived this beast as a two-piece squad to explore the caverns of everlasting pain and horror. Musically, this is malevolent, straightforward, headbang-inducing Death Metal, inspired by early 90´s U.S. icons such as Morbid Angel, Monstrosity, Obituary, Immolation or Deicide, plus the vicious vibe from the founding fathers such as Pentagram (Chile), Death, Possessed, Sepultura, Massacre, Slaughter Lord, Necrovore, etc. There´s no blind allegiance nor messages to anyone; no dogmatic, religious, or cult preaching. Coffin Curse verses are just focused on the multiple facets of death in all its shapes, spiritually, physically, morally, mentally and metaphysically: evil, madness, multiple perversions, violence, hatred and despair, all that in communion within the endless confines of the human psyche. From 2012 up until 2018, Coffin Curse have insulted the planet with one demo, three EP´s and one split effort, and now Max Neira along with Carlos Fuentes (drums) are ready to spit out the band´s debut album, titled "Ceased to Be", which will be their biggest insult to the planet yet. Classic and crushing, Coffin Curse here unload a barrage of timeless Death Metal in a most late-80´s mold, a time, it must be said (or at least repeated once again!), when "songwriting" and "Death Metal" weren´t mutually exclusive terms. No riff salads, no jock jams, no gore-overload masking a dearth of ideas. Rather, taut and terrorizing memorability pumped full of catchy-as-the-clap riffs, haunting-the-chapel leads, and pro but not-too-polished production that only heightens the dark depths these Chileans plumb so powerfully. We´d deign to call it "classy" even, but this is fucking Death Metal after all! With suitably classic Death Metal cover art courtesy of Daniel Hermosilla (Nox Fragor Art), and climaxing with the 9-minute epic "Deep in Streams of Purifying Dirt", Coffin Curse crush graves and dreams alike with "Ceased to Be"!

Coffin Curse - Ceased to Be CD

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