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Hinsides - Hinsides h​ö​rs dj​ä​vulsklockans urklang BUNDLE (PRE-ORDER)


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SHADOW RECORDS (distributed & marketed by REGAIN RECORDS) is proud to present the highly anticipated second album of Sweden's HINSIDES, Hinsides hörs djävulsklockans urklang, on CD, vinyl LP, and cassette tape formats.

Released during the summer of 2021, HINSIDES' Under Betlehems brinnande stjärna debut LP was a firestorm of freezing filth. Undeniably necrotic as per the earliest birth-pangs of Scandinavian black metal, peer within that piercing sound and you will have found a wealth of fascinating and fearless twists to ancient black metal tropes. Here, HINSIDES revealed themselves to be more melodic and magisterial than they hinted at on their earlier split with comrades MONSTRAAT, but nevertheless kept the attack fucking FERAL and utterly unreal in sum effect. Perhaps all this was unsurprising given that the band is the sole work of M.A. from the esteemed ULTRA SILVAM...but either way, a new (and harrowing) horde worth reckoning had arrived with acidic aplomb.

Now HINSIDES return with an even-stronger (and -stranger) work in Hinsides hörs djävulsklockans urklang. The band's second full-length titularly translates to ""From beyond the ancient chime of the devil bell is heard," and a more apt approximation of HINSIDES' ever-expanding sound cannot be found. Joined by ULTRA SILVAM drummer L.A., M.A. brings back the church bells of the preceding album and goes gonzo with them; at nearly every (crooked) turn, there tolls a bell of doom, summoning dread powers from that Beyond. More concretely, those sinuous peals of eeriness provide complementary / contrapuntal color to HINSIDES' most rippling 'n' roiling black metal yet. But heed the METAL aspect of "black metal" here: the duo devilishly construct dark headbangers that soon whip forth into a state of possession, with starkly melodic leads flying fast and free, altogether creating a (dark, devilish) narrative flow that's exceptionally unique for something so necro. Underlining that Devil's Heavy Metal aspect of Hinsides hörs djävulsklockans urklang is the guest appearance of Jonas Hansson from olde-worlde hard rockers SILVER MOUNTAIN, dropping a solo into "I nekromisantropisk harmoni." Bringing that aspect to a boil is the cover of the Plasmastics' "The Damned," which HINSIDES malevolently make their own (and which can only be found on physical copies of the album).

The bells of doom toll even louder with the splendor of archaic witchcraft and devil worship: HINSIDES' Hinsides hörs djävulsklockans urklang concludes the year with frightening finality! 

Hinsides - Hinsides h​ö​rs dj​ä​vulsklockans urklang BUNDLE (PRE-ORDER)

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