Defleshed - Fleshless and Wild 7"EP (Black/Bronze Marble Vinyl)

Friday April 30th, on Walpurgis Night, shit will hit the fan, hell will break loose and Defleshed’s first release in 16 years will surface.

As the trio states:
”In these ages of misery, a sonic maelstrom like Defleshed shouldn’t be silent. We found it suitable to add agony to the current dispair.”

Defleshed entered Sunlight studios nov 2020 with Tomas Skogsberg to reach back to a time when metal was generated by man more than machine, then mixed and mastered by Lawrence Mackrory (Obey Mastering) to maximize output. This resulted in two furious additions to the Defleshed song treasury:
• Fleshless and Wild
• Night Vision
Both as untamed as the heathen night they will be released, qouting the band:
”to evoke thirst and shenanigans on Walpurgis Eve”.

Two songs - one limited vinyl 7” EP to be sold and shipped with a corresponding t-shirt through Helter Skelter Productions (division of Regain Records).

This, is the Return of the Flesh.

New 7" single limited to 250 copies on black/bronze marble vinyl!!!!

Defleshed - Fleshless and Wild 7"EP (Black/Bronze Marble Vinyl)

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