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Embrional - The Devil Inside LP

Two years after the acclaimed “Absolutely Anti-Human Behaviors”, Polish death metal act Embrional returns with a refreshed line-up presenting a new full-length „The Devil Inside”. Comprised of 12 monstrous tracks, the album sees Embrional developing their sound into mysterious yet technically complex death metal monolith, where devastating blastbeats mix with hypnotizing slowdowns and nonroutine rhythms, roaring screams with whispering and moaning of the damned souls and sick harmonies with steady pillar of Death Metal tradition.

Originally released in a variety of formats through Old Temple (CD), Third Eye Temple & Godz ov War (MC, Limited CD), the album has just got its definitive, vinyl treatment. The 12'' LP is now available in an edition of 150 units on black vinyl.

Embrional - The Devil Inside LP

139,00 krPrice
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