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Ereb Altor - Järtecken DIGI-CD

The CD version has two bonus tracks!

The new Ereb Altor album “Järtecken” is a future classic!

A sign of things to come! Ereb Altor always promises one thing with each release: Epic, Folk-blended Metal inspired by the Norse legends. “Järtecken” shakes things up again with a true and sincere Pagan theme in its lyrics and art.

Each song delivers majestic riffs and some of the best vocal work from the band. The opening track “Avgudadyrkans Väg” builds the atmosphere before exploding into “Queen of All Seas”, the best Ereb Altor song ever, and a classic to be.

Sharp Heavy Metal riffs, Nordic melodies, catchy choruses and pounding drums burst set the tone for the rest of the album.

A song that must have made Quorthon (of the legendary Bathory) smile up in Valhalla.

Aside from the well sung lyrics, both in a harsher blackened voice and incredible epic clean singing, Epic riffs ring throughout the whole album to give it the titanic feeling this juggernaut deserves. Ereb Altor’s songwriting style is their biggest strength, they write killer songs, memorable songs.

When they break away and get into some real shredding they even add to the incredible strong atmosphere.

In addition to adding in more keyboard, Ereb Altor seems to have added blackened/darker Metal touch with this album and its cutting bridges.
This is by far the best composed and therefor mature Ereb Altor album in their already impressive career, thanks to its added keyboards, good blend of epic and more traditional riffs, and the vocals being arguably the best ever laced on an Ereb Altor album.

“Järtecken” is among the best Viking metal albums in many years and possibly the best one in 2019!

Ereb Altor - Järtecken DIGI-CD

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