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Flykt - Charnel Heart LP (Black Vinyl)

Flykt was formed during the year 2016 in Stockholm, Sweden. The band was founded by musicians from former members of bands like REV 16:8 and VALKYRJA. They entered the studio for the first time in 2018 to record their debut album „Charnel Heart“. It was recorded in Wing Studios, Stockholm, and mixed at Studio Studio Nyhagen, Norway.  "Charnel Heart" is an evil Black Metal album full of classic and nasty guitars, threatening leads and catchy midtempo parts as well as brutal up-tempo attacks. "Charnel Heart" serves as a vehicle of the adversary, the death of the man and elevation of the beast. In the current state, preparations are being made for what is next to come.

Black vinyl ltd to 150 copies.

Flykt - Charnel Heart LP (Black Vinyl)

179,00 krPrice
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