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Fulanno / The Crooked Whispers - Last Call from Hell TAPE

Music Cassette version, on pro-printed tapes. Limited edition of 100 copies!

HELTER SKELTER PRODUCTIONS (distributed & marketed by REGAIN RECORDS) is proud to present Last Call from Hell, a special split album between FULANNO and THE CROOKED WHISPERS, on CD, vinyl LP, and cassette tape formats.

Featuring two of the most imposing forces on the modern stoner doom scene, Last Call from Hell is a smoldering, smoke-choked phantasm of dark delights. With both FULANNO and THE CROOKED WHISPERS each delivering two epic tracks, the 30-minute split album works as one unified piece sure to satiate fans of both bands as well as those who like it slow & low.

FULANNO are up first, and should require little introduction to those well versed in stoner doom. Since their formation in 2010, these CULT Argentinians have been intoxicating all who've heard them, and both "Erotic Pleasures in the Catacombs" and "The Cycle of Death" should sulphurously stoke the fires of those who mainline true, strictly-within-the-borders STONER DOOM. THE CROOKED WHISPERS are a bit newer, having made their full-length debut with 2020's Satanic Melodies (which HELTER SKELTER reissued in remastered form), but they work up a supremely evil lather nevertheless. Also hailing from Argentina but currently residing in Los Angeles, THE CROOKED WHISPERS here go in a sludgier, more blackened vein. "Bloody Revenge" and "Dig Your Own Grave" should say more than enough: not for the fucking faint of heart!

Fulanno / The Crooked Whispers - Last Call from Hell TAPE

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