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Ghost - 1983-1988 2xLP

Double album on black vinyls with gatefold cover and printed innersleeve. Limited 300 copies

Dan Swanö’s 80’s hard rock band Ghost has finally been released. Long before Tobias Forge made success with Ghost there was another Swedish hard rock band with the same name. Six years prior to when Dan Swanö founded the death metal group Edge Of Sanity 1989 he and Anders Måreby started Ghost. Influenced by bands like Kiss the young duo created 60 songs between 1983 and 1988. Dan was ten and Anders twelve years old when the band started. They did several demo and live recordings, but never got that record deal they wanted. Now, 30 years after the band transformed into Icarus and then Unicorn, 30 Ghost songs have been released as the album ”1983-1988”.

Track list:
1. Demonernas Intrång
2. Han Vill Bli En Stjärna
3. Kamp För Livet
4. Djävulstriangeln
5. Rädda Dom
6. Vakande Ögon
7. Tänd På
8. partacus
9. 3002
10.Solens Söner
11. Fanny
12. U.F.O.
13. Geronimo
14. Vietnam
15. Pioneer-live
16. Den Sista Striden-live
17. Alone Again-live
18. Tårar I Ett Regn-live
19. Rock ‘n’ Roll-live
20. Skrika För Hämnd-live
21. Midnatt-live
22. Poltergeist-live
23. Vid Regnbågens Ände
24. Nattens Härskare
25. Hiroshima
26. Hollywood
27. Dödens Dimma
28. Vikingakonung
29. Klockornas Klang
30. Avskedet

Ghost - 1983-1988 2xLP

299,00 krPrice
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