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Gospel Of The Horns ‎– Realm Of The Damned CD

Music wise Gospel of the Horns delivers a thundering old school blasphemous metal. I prefer to call it simply "metal", for two reasons. First, this is pure metal, not infected by any strange influences, it's based on classic instrumentation, played with the passion and understanding of the metal principles. And two, the band takes the equal measures of death, black, thrash and even more extreme heavy metal and melts it into their own music. They play it with savage energy, straightforward attitude and take no prisoners. They do play relatively fast, but don't think they use blast beats or whatever. It is fast in rather hmm... old thrash metal way. Gospel of the Horns doesn't waste their time and just shreds through the entire album, whipping and slashing with more and more razor sharp killer old school riffs. Meanwhile Mark Howitzer screams like possessed and Chris Masochist and Hexx play some noisy, Slayer-esque solos. Some of these leads really sound like good old heavy metal, like the one in the title track, especially if the riff and the overall tempo of the song the vibe of dirty rock'n'roll of Venom. There's cool dark atmosphere on the album and with the cool production, the final effect is truly "pleasant" he, he.

Gospel Of The Horns ‎– Realm Of The Damned CD

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